Woman's warning after 'terrifying' find in Airbnb bathroom

One of the guests made the discovery after feeling like the group of friends were 'being watched'.

A woman claims to have made a shocking discovery at an Airbnb rental where she was staying with a group of friends after one admitted to feeling like they were "being watched" during their stay.

Kennedy, from Canada, detailed the terrifying ordeal in a now-viral video on TikTok where she claimed to have discovered a hidden camera in a power outlet in the home's bathroom.

She said her friend began searching the property after announcing she felt "paranoid" and proceeded to check "every shower head, all the picture frames, doorknobs, everywhere in the house for a camera". Kennedy said she thought her friend was "being dramatic" — until the shock find.

Screenshots from TikTok showing hidden camera in Airbnb.
Kennedy claimed there was a hidden camera inside an electrical outlet in the Airbnb she was staying in. Source: TikTok

Camera found inside electrical outlet

The woman claimed a small camera had been installed into an electrical outlet in the bathroom which the girls has been using the night before. Filming a close-up of the power point, which allegedly "faced directly into the shower", the TikTok creator pointed to one hole which appeared to have the tiny black camera inside it.

"You can see in the top here there's nothing, looks totally normal. And then the bottom one, look at that little camera," she said in the video. Terrified, the girls — of which there were 15 — called the police who allegedly confirmed there were multiple cameras throughout the property, according to text messages shown by Kennedy.

One message supposedly from an officer claimed a property search had been conducted and the cameras were now being sent "for analysis".

Airbnb confirmed to Yahoo's InTheKnow they are aware of the situation. "We ban hidden cameras and we are investigating these allegations," an Airbnb spokesperson said. "The guest who booked this reservation has received a full refund."

Social media reacts to hidden Airbnb camera

Kennedy's video has since garnered over 4.6 million views, with many people claiming they'll be inclined to check their own Airbnbs in future. Some have even sworn off Airbnbs completely.

"I stopped using Airbnb," one admitted, while another said: "For me, the moral of the story is Airbnb has completely gone downhill and now hotels look pretty nice."

Others praised her friend's intuition. "Your paranoid friends are just highly intuitive lol always hear them out when they get a feeling," one pointed out. "Your friend's spidey senses were on point," wrote another.

"The moral of the story is to always check the outlets for cameras at your Airbnb," Kennedy concluded.

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