'Kept me awake': Woman's scary find in hotel medicine cabinet

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A woman has found a distressing message inside the medicine cabinet of her hotel room, saying it was enough to keep her up through the night.

The woman found the message scrawled below a slot in the medicine cabinet of her hotel room and shared a picture of it to social media.

"Smile, I C U," the message reads, written between the shelves in the cabinet.

"This message kept me awake until the sun started to come out," she said on Facebook.

She explained the hotel was in Iowa in the US and it "became the creepiest city" she had ever been to.

Pictured is the
A woman found an ominous message inside the medicine cabinet in her hotel. Source: Facebook

Explanation for the slot on the wall

People in the comments pointed out the tiny slot in the wall did have a purpose — it's for discarding razor blades, which the woman did say she knew already.

"That little slot in the back of the mirrors where the razors were disposed back in the day," someone explained, while another person remarked the hotel must be quite old.

"Those slots are hated by home remodelling crews everywhere especially when they tear out a wall opposite and below this, and have to contend with hundreds of rusty razorblades," someone else said.

People in the comments pointed out the slot was used for discarded razors. Source: Getty Images, file

Though there is a reasonable explanation for the slot in the wall, the message was still troubling.

"It's for razor blades, but I would totally put a screwdriver right through it really hard and then cover it with tape," someone said in the comments.

Others were saying it was likely a motel, instead of a hotel.

While the message is creepy, someone else said they used to write notes and leave them behind in their cheap hotel rooms when they were younger.

"We wrote notes that said “BOO” and taped them onto the inside of lampshades hoping cleaning people wouldn’t see it but someone sleeping would roll over, turn the light on and see BOO," they explained. 

"Because we were a**holes."

So, hopefully, the "Smile, I C U" message is just some twisted joke.

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