Woman's rare condition sees her 'spraying saliva'

Josh Dutton
·News Reporter
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A woman with an eight-year history of swollen cheeks has sprayed saliva while receiving treatment for her ailment.

The 52-year-old from South Korea wasn’t in any pain nor did she have “fever, dry mouth, or other systemic symptoms”, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Her concerns were purely cosmetic as she had no allergies, issues with saliva glands or any facial trauma.

A woman is pictured with swollen cheeks alongside a topography of her neck.
A 52-year-old woman was taken to hospital with swollen cheeks. Source: New England Journal of Medicine

Doctors at the Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital found her parotid ducts, a saliva duct, were swollen.

“Compression of these areas caused profuse salivary discharge from the duct orifices bilaterally,” doctors said.

After a topography of the woman’s neck the parotid duct was found to be dilated but doctors couldn’t identify an obstruction.

Saliva sprays from a parotid duct in a woman's mouth.
Saliva sprays from inside the woman's mouth. Source: New England Journal of Medicine

She was treated with hydration and medication but her cheeks didn’t stop swelling.

Doctors suggested removing her parotid gland but she turned it down. She hasn’t reported any further problems.

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