Man mistakes motor juice for energy drink

A man has been hospitalised after he drank a car fuel additive thinking it was an energy drink.

The man, 54, was presented to hospital with seizures and an “altered mental state”, according to his case published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

He told doctors he drank about 350ml of NOS Octane Booster Racing Formula which contains methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl or MMT.

A can of NOS Octane Booster is pictured next to a can of NOS energy drink.
A man mistook NOS Octane, which is added to car fuel, for a can of NOS energy drink. Source: Summit Racing/ eBay (file pic)

“Due to label similarities, he mistook this for the NOS High Performance energy drink,” researchers wrote.

“The patient was intubated due to persistent seizures despite benzodiazepine treatment and admitted to the intensive care unit.”

Researchers wrote they were able to remove a breathing tube after four days.

He was confused and uncoordinated initially but his symptoms resolved and he was discharged from hospital.

“Human ingestion of MMT has not previously been reported,” researchers wrote.

“This case highlights the importance of responsible labelling of consumables.”

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