Stomach-churning find on woman's tonsils after eating sashimi

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Doctors have made a stomach-churning find on the tonsils of a woman complaining of pain after eating sashimi.

Researchers wrote in The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene the 25-year-old presented herself to a Tokyo hospital complaining of five days of “left pharyngeal pain and irritation”.

The pharynx is the part of the throat behind the mouth and nasal cavity.

She told doctors she had eaten “assorted sashimi”.

Doctors took a look down her throat and found “a black moving worm” on her left tonsil.

A nematode or roundworm is pictured.
This worm was found in a woman's throat after she ate sashimi. Source: The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

“Her blood test results were normal,” researchers wrote.

“Symptoms rapidly improved after removing the worm using tweezers.

“The worm body was black, 38 mm long, 1mm wide, and was moulting the outer cuticle.”

The creature was identified as a type of nematode or roundworm.

Nematodes live in many types of ecosystems from saltwater to soil and the smallest are microscopic.

Researchers wrote the woman’s worm usually gets into people’s systems through “third-stage larvae in raw or undercooked marine fish”.

They added more than 700 cases have been reported in Japan, North Pacific countries, South America, and the Netherlands.

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