Woman's 'nightmare' find as she picks up socks from drawer

A Melbourne family has had an unwelcome surprise after reaching into a sock drawer to unexpectedly find something “wiggling and leathery”.

When realising the unusual pair of socks was actually a snake, the homeowners called on snake wrangler Barry Goldsmith from Snake Catcher Victoria.

“Craig from Langwarrin called me today to tell me he thinks he has a snake in his sock drawer,” Mr Goldsmith wrote on his Facebook page, along with an image of the reptile’s hiding place.

Hidden deep in the sock drawer (left) was a very happy, curled-up red-bellied black snake (right). Source: Facebook

“When I got there I pulled the drawer out, put it on the bed, picked up a pair of socks and low and behold a healthy red-bellied black snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus) was curled up pretending to be another pair of socks,” he wrote.

“The snake scared the living daylights out of us!” home owner Racheal Milward wrote, along with photos of Mr Goldsmith hard at work.

“What the heck!! Stuff of nightmares!!” a friend responded.

What some people found even more shocking was Mr Goldsmith’s revelation that removing a snake from a sock drawer was a first for him because he usually finds them hiding in other drawers. “Usually they're in the bra drawer,” he joked.

“I usually go through my drawers in the dark, this freaks me out,” a user responded.

“How did it get in there?” more than one person asked.

It's believed the snake entered through a hole in the fly screen (left) and made its way to the sock drawer (right). Source: Facebook

Ms Milward said that the snake catcher also did a thorough inspection of their home, finding a hole in the fly screen where the snake most likely entered.

Although red-bellied black snakes are venomous, Mr Goldsmith said a bite from one is rare.

“I think there has been one human fatality from a red-bellied black bite, they are gentle and easygoing,” he said.

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