Woman's letter after leaving Australia 70 years ago leads to 'incredible' visit

The couple who now live in the Sydney flat were 'so grateful' the woman reached out.

A woman's hopeful letter to the owners of her childhood home has led to an "incredible experience" for everyone involved.

Addressing the couple who have lived in the same flat in Sydney's eastern suburbs for the past 17 years, Meg asked if she could revisit the home she had fond memories of as a young girl.

"I used to live in your flat 70 years ago before I came to England with my parents," she said in the letter shared on Reddit.

A photo of Benjamin and his wife Pamela (left) who now own the flat posing with Meg and Jed (right) just outside it. Another photo in the exact same spot of Meg as a young child with her family.
Benjamin and his wife Pamela (left) who now own the Double Bay flat posed just outside it with Meg and Jed (right) in the exact same spot she did as a young child with her family. Source: Reddit/mrbenjrocks

"I have some memories of the place mainly looking out the window of what my mother called the sun room to the harbour, and the small pier next door."

The male resident, Benjamin Richards, confirmed to Yahoo News Australia earlier this month the meeting with Meg and her husband Jed in Double Bay was due to go ahead on Friday March 17, admitting "the post did seem to gather a lot of attention".

'It was a different time' in Double Bay

Reflecting on the heartwarming gathering in an updated post, he said he and his wife Pamela were "grateful Meg reached out and asked to visit".

"We spent (a) few hours sitting outside enjoying the afternoon breeze and the view, drinking tea, and catching up with stories from the 1950s," Mr Richards said in the comments.

A photo of the couple, Meg and Jed and another woman sitting at a table outside the apartment. The letter Meg sent to the couple is also in the photo.
They drank tea together while Meg reminisced about the past in Sydney, before moving to the UK with her family in 1951. Source: Reddit/mrbenjrocks

"The neighbourhood was certainly a lot more undeveloped in 1950s, kids would catch leather-jackets (fish) from their boats then row over to Clark Island (about 1000 metres away) to fry them up. It was a different time."

Walking through the apartment, the woman fondly remarked on how some things had changed, while others stayed the same.

"The apartment looks out over the water," Mr Richards said. "There was still the wharf next door, the rocks and a small beach to the east that she would walk upon. She still had a few scars from her more adventurous days."

A photo of them all sitting at Double Bay Wharf.
They visited Double Bay Wharf, which Meg (second to the right) had a view of from her bedroom window. Source: Reddit/mrbenjrocks
A photo of young Meg with her family also at Double Bay Wharf.
Young Meg is pictured with her family in the 1940s also at Double Bay Wharf. Source: Reddit/mrbenjrocks

They made their way to Meg's old bedroom, which is now the couple's spare room.

"Meg showed where her bed was – under the window. She told me about how she’d look out the window overlooking where the boats were stored," the man said. "Now, there’s another apartment building, which was built in 1959 (after Meg had left)".

Post triggers conversations about the past

Besides being "clearly moved" by the experience, Meg was also "blown away" by the response online, according to the resident.

"We had 9.8 million people look at the letter... and over 110,000+ upvote the post," Mr Richards said in the comments.

"I was really pleased that it started a conversation about revisiting places you lived in the past."

"Meg was most amused that there was a theme in the comments that maybe there was something hidden in the walls. Alas no … no money, no gold .. no bitcoin."

Many thanked the man for sharing the rare experience.

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