Bizarre find inside 'crazy' Aussie home with 19 bedrooms

The 19-bedroom Adelaide property has had some 'unique' uses over the years.

An unusual Aussie property has hit the market with the sprawling, maze-like floor plan making it one of the "craziest houses" seen for some time.

From the outside the South Australian home seems ordinary enough, but inside is a whopping 19 bedrooms. Exit signs can be found throughout to help people navigate their way through the extraordinary property which has attracted interest from several states.

Built in 1910 in the residential Adelaide beachside suburb of Seacliff, the home underwent several large extensions in the 80s and is now, as mentioned in the listing description, "in need of some TLC".

A photo of the outside of the house and a photo of the floor plan.
A unique 19-bedroom property in the residential suburb of Seacliff, Adelaide is on the market after nine years. Source: Domain

What was the Adelaide home used for?

Real estate agent Cassandra Yeates explained the diverse uses of the quirky home over the years.

"It was a well-known nursing home, then according to neighbourhood chatter it was a halfway house at some stage and for the last nine years has been a boarding house, or rooming house managed by the owner who lived in the front of the house," she told Yahoo News Australia.

"The sale is due to deceased estate and has now been inherited by family members, who are selling it.

The surreal nature of the property came to the attention of one local TikTok user who labelled it as the "craziest house (he's) seen in quite a while".

"I like how the listing says it's good for growing families, I don’t think there are many families that need that many bedrooms. But with some renovation this house could be a good investment because it pulls in about $185 per week, per room (bills inclusive)," he said.

"If you don’t know the layout and have only just got there the first night and you need to get out quickly, it's going to be tough."

A photo of one of the living areas which has an exit sign on the door. A photo of one of the kitchens that has a white gated area that leads down to a cellar.
The maze-like property features a white fenced-off area in one of the kitchens. Source: Domain

While there's a lot to process, the back kitchen includes an especially bizarre find — a white gated area jokingly labelled as "a little baby jail" by the TikToker. However Ms Yeates has revealed it leads down to a cellar.

Property currently 'under contract'

Since being used as a boarding house, the property has been rezoned from commercial to residential, and Ms Yeates said she is "excited for the community of Seacliff" to see how the new purchaser uses it.

"It's just a matter of council approval," she said.

The property went 'under contract' on Friday, according to Ms Yeates, after receiving far-reaching attention, however it hasn't been sold yet.

"There's been so much interest, it's been crazy, from Adelaide, South Australia, Melbourne, Sydney... it's been nuts," she said. "Very uncommon to see 19 bedrooms in one dwelling..but it's good, you need to spice up the market."

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