Woman moves house after sinister find in shower: 'Pretty scary'

The woman started noticing random holes in her ceiling.

A man has been arrested in the US for installing a hidden camera in his neighbour's bathroom to spy on her while she showered.

The offender, identified as Brian Matthew Burnette, 48, was charged with invasive visual recording in a bathroom or dressing area after cops found a memory card with videos of his female neighbour in the shower.

Burnette and the victim, whose identity was not disclosed, reportedly lived in townhouses that shared a wall in the city of Houston, Texas.

Reports claimed that the woman began to notice random holes in the ceiling of her bathroom in November 2022.

A camera is seen next to an evidence bag.
The camera was found in the woman's attic above her shower. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

She later raised the topic with a friend, who decided to check the attic and found that the drywall between her and Burnette's flats had been demolished.

The man also detected "a small camera that appeared to be attached to a battery pack", according to a statement by the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

It was reportedly "wedged into a hole in the attic floor, directly over (the victim's) bathroom", the report continued.

In addition, the friend found a memory card inside the camera, which he immediately plugged into his phone and was shocked to find videos of the victim nude inside the shower.

Reports also claimed that the two found a video of when the camera was being installed, but the footage did not reveal the person's appearance.

Shortly after the victim informed her landlord about the find, they contacted the cops in early December 2022.

A police mugshot of Brian Matthew Burnette.
Brian Matthew Burnette, 48, was charged with invasive visual recording in a bathroom or dressing area. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

When analysing the recorded materials, investigators found more than 1000 video files out of which around 20 exported files were bookmarked.

In one of the videos, Burnette was reportedly caught setting up the camera and pleasuring himself.

Additionally, they claimed that the victim "does not appear to know the camera is there while taking showers."

Burnette was finally identified by the victim's landlord, who added that he had seen him several times in the neighbourhood, and was arrested straight after.

He was released after posting a $7232 bond on January 16 but was banned from contacting the victim or being closer than 60 metres to the home as a condition of his release.

An unnamed neighbour said: "It's pretty scary. It's disgusting. To be in that person's position, know that was happening to them.

"The feeling, I'm sure, is pretty wretched to think that somebody was doing that to you."

A brown brick townhouse with a white balcony and garage doors.
The man allegedly lived next door to the woman in Houston, Texas. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

Another unnamed neighbour added: "We had no idea that had even happened in this neighborhood.

"So this is all news to us. Was this person watching? Were they selling videos? Were they recording people? Don't know."

The victim had meanwhile moved out of the residence.


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