Woman's garbage bag realisation stuns TikTok users

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The standard way to use a plastic rubbish bin liner has been called into question by a TikTok user who claimed a recent realisation left her convinced she had been doing it wrong her entire life. 

While most open their bags by giving them a good shake before stuffing them into the bin, one of two women behind the TikTok account Stored Simply argued there was a much better way. 

"So apparently, I've been using trash bags wrong my entire life," she said in the clip, which has been viewed 11.7 million times since being uploaded in February. 

Demonstrating the shake-out method, she told viewers, "you're not supposed to do that". 

Woman in Stored Simply TikTok holds up bin bag.
One of two women behind the TikTok account Stored Simply shocked users with a rubbish bin liner hack. Source: TikTok/storedsimply

Pulling a bag out of its box, she held the bottom seam up to the camera, saying it was "inside out" for a reason. 

"I didn't know that," she said, saying the correct way to fix a liner to a bin was to "put it on like a hat". 

She then showed viewers her newfound method, putting the opening of the bag over the top of the bin, so the rest of it was extended above.

When it was taut around the edges, she pushed the rest of the bag into the bin.

Plenty of TikTok users were stunned to learn of the alternative method.

"Omg, my whole 52 years are altered," commented one viewer. 

"I got that beat. I am 61 and didn’t realise that. Thanks for [the] tip," wrote another. 

"I literally just got up and tried this," another said. "It works!"

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But not everyone was convinced her "hack" was all that impressive, with some saying it took about the same time either way.

"Sorry but what is the difference? What matters is that it works," one person wrote. 

"Wow! Amazing, it takes longer and works the same. Thanks," another sarcastically remarked. 

Others said they preferred the traditional method because it was "therapeutic" and made them "feel better".

"I prefer the aggressive behaviour of doing it the wrong way, it makes me feel better," one wrote. 

"I still need to do it the other way. It's therapeutic for me, just letting go of all my frustrations while opening the bag," another said. 

One joked the traditional way was the only way they could tell their wife was mad at them, while someone else said the noise of the bag scared their cats, "which can be fun".

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