Woman's eye 'swollen shut' after botched beauty treatment

Alyssa Lucia claims she heard a 'crunching sound' throughout the common procedure and a nightmare soon ensued.

A woman claims her eye was "swollen shut" and her face temporarily "frozen" after getting forehead injections, with the botched procedure leaving her "feeling so ugly".

Alyssa Lucia booked in for the beauty treatment at a spa in Oklahoma City, US to treat scarring on her face, but became worried when she allegedly heard "crunching sounds" throughout.

The 33-year-old, who has had botox injections in the past, had no reason to suspect this time would be any different – but a nightmare soon ensued. She recently took to TikTok to share her story, which has left social media users stunned with over 35,000 views so far.

“During the procedure, I noticed extra crunching sounds in my forehead, more so than I had heard any time before. I also bled a bit more in the spots injected," Alyssa, a permanent make-up artist told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

She paid and "left feeling confident" it would turn out how it had in the past, but was left stunned when a week later, one of her eyes was swollen shut.

Blonde woman with swollen eye closed after botched botox
Alyssa Lucia booked in for botox on her forehead which temporarily caused her eye to be swollen shut. Source Jam Press

'My forehead was frozen'

At first, she thought it was an allergic reaction but the following day, her forehead was "frozen". "It was extremely straining to try to open it [the eye], even causing headaches," she said.

"The next day it was even worse and that’s when I realised my forehead was frozen. I put two and two together realising it was the botox and I was going to be stuck like that for a while.

"I ended up having to call off work for a week because I couldn’t see out of that eye. I went through phases of crying and feeling so ugly I didn’t want anyone to look at me."

'Scary' experience prompts online warning

Alyssa decided to go back to the beauty therapist, who she claims gave her some eye drops. "They [the drops] did help a little bit but it took a few weeks," she said.

"They work by opening up your eyes more so I would just add the drops to the droopy eye and slowly it started fading away."

The symptoms finally settled six weeks later with Alyssa fully healed by mid-October 2022. Her eye is now back to normal but she has chosen to share the experience online to warn others.

"I'm great now, that experience made me very thankful for my natural face. It also scared me enough to never want to do that again," she said.

Others share similar stories

The post has almost 7,000 likes and hundreds of comments from followers. Some claimed the same had happened to them. "Fortunately, it’s not permanent," one said.

"My coworker said her friend got it a long time ago and then went and got a facial and she went blind for a few days," claimed another.

"Currently going through this. I’m only on week two tho," a third added.

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