Botox injections curing chronic pain

While most women inject Botox to reverse aging, new evidence suggests it may also reverse pain.

Tracy Jones, 39, suffered pelvic muscle pain so severe she had to abandon a promising career in business management.

“I can’t function, I can’t walk, I can’t perform daily activities”.

But relief for Tracy has came in an unexpected injection.

Botox injections have been found to alleviate all kinds of medical conditions from sore necks to twitchy eyes and even sweaty armpits. Most recently they’ve been used to treat women suffering pelvic muscle pain.

While experts agree Botox is a revolutionary pain reliever, the Federal Government still treats the injections as purely cosmetic procedures. A recent review of the Medical Benefits Scheme rejected a submission to include therapeutic Botox.

For Tracy, this makes life without pelvic muscle pain extremely expensive.

“I have no life without them, I can’t function from the pain”

Gynecologist Dr. Susan Evans believes all women suffering this kind of pain deserve affordable Botox.

“Those who have such severe pain that they can’t work deserve the opportunity for this treatment.”

Tracy’s father Brian agrees, arguing that keeping Botox out of the Medical Benefits Scheme is costing the Government money.

“If these treatments could be done and provided at a reasonable cost, people like Tracy could get back into the workforce.”

A campaign has been launched to raise awareness about Botox injections as pain relief. Dr. Evans believes thousands of women across Australia could benefit. Find out more at: