Woman's devastating $400 mistake minutes after Coldplay concert

Chris Martin performing with a backdrop of glittering lights is a sight to behold for fans – but for one, it's one she might want to forget.

By now you've likely seen the mesmerising light display involving thousands of fans at Coldplay gigs. But for a woman at one of the band's Australian gigs last week, joining in cost her a lot more than just the price of her ticket.

In a now viral video, the woman who attended one of Australia's only Coldplay gigs in Perth, claims she willingly handed over her Apple watch to staff in what was apparently a costly brain fart.

A two photos of Coldplay concertgoers returning their LED wristbands into green buckets at Optus Stadium in Perth. Source: TikTok
Coldplay concertgoers were asked to return the LED wristbands into green buckets after the show. Source: TikTok

Before entering revellers are given an LED wristband that lights up in synchrony with the music – a now iconic sight synonymous with Coldplay's shows. And once the show is over, they are required to return it by placing it in the bins provided.

But for the woman, she says she took off the wrong wrist attachment.

"Was anyone else completely enjoying themselves at Coldplay until you accidentally put your Apple watch in the eco friendly wristband return tub?" she asked on TikTok.

Her video quickly racked up views on the platform, with many in disbelief over the misfortunate moment.

"Naah I'd cry," one person said. The woman responded saying her "heart just sank" when she realised what she'd done. "Oh noooo," another said.

How other Coldplay fans avoided making same mistake

Several users said they almost did the same, with one revealing they purposely put the band on the opposite wrist to avoid such a mistake.

The woman claims she lost her Apple watch in an unfortunate lapse in concentration. Source: Tiktok/ @sharonstrzelecki0
The woman claims she lost her Apple watch in an unfortunate lapse in concentration. Source: Tiktok/ @sharonstrzelecki0

The model of the Apple watch appears to be the SE, with pricing starting at $399 on the Apple site. While it's unclear if the woman was able to locate her watch, it would undoubtedly have been a bitter blow amid a gruelling cost-of-living crisis punishing Australians around the country.

Following the success of the two shows in Perth, Coldplay announced a further four Australian dates for 2024, with two in Sydney and two in Melbourne.

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