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Frightening moment floor collapses at Sydney concert: 'Really dangerous'

The floor of a popular Sydney venue collapsed on Thursday night just two songs into Aussie singer Genesis Owusu’s set.

The ARIA Award winner had just taken to the stage for his sold-out show at the Enmore Theatre when the floor sunk under the weight of the massive crowd.

Footage posted to Twitter shows security members trying to move people away from the significant dip in the carpeted floor.

The crowd is seen dancing as the floor of the Sydney venue collapses. The carpet bounces as people walk on it.
Aussie singer Genesis Owusu had just taken to the stage for his sold-out Sydney show when the floor sunk under the weight of the massive crowd. Source: Caitlin Welsh/Honi Soit

In videos taken before the incident, the packed crowd at the iconic inner-west venue can be seen jumping and dancing as Genesis performs.

The set was stopped to assess the damage, much to the dismay of the fans who began to boo after being asked to clear the area.

There are no reports of injuries from the incident.

Music writer Bernard Zuel described the section of hanging carpet where the floor had collapsed as “a cross between a water bed and a trampoline”.

Mashable editor Caitlin Welsh, who was in attendance, said Genesis came out onto the stage afterwards to break the news the show would have to be rescheduled.

“Genesis just came out to tell people that it’s a 4m drop under the sagging carpet and we have to reschedule,” she wrote on Twitter.

“‘You guys are f***ing crazy…but this is actually really dangerous’. What a day for him.”

Ms Welsh said the crowd was visibly annoyed the show had been cut short.

“I know people are frothing for a dance but are we really, post Astro-world, booing and flipping off venue staff who are trying to make sure people don’t get hurt?” she said.

In November last year, 10 people were crushed to death at rapper Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival.

Genesis posted on Instagram about the performance in the hours prior, saying he was “nervous” and “excited” because he hadn’t performed in about nine months.

He later joked about the “groundbreaking performance” and said it “was fun while it lasted”.

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