'I hate 2020': Woman's unusual find during house renovation

A woman has jokingly shared her despair after her aunt found a hidden door in her house.

The woman, from Texas, wrote on Facebook her aunt, who lives in Mexico, is currently remodelling her home.

“This was behind her wall,” she wrote.

The woman shared photos of a wooden door hidden behind the wall which had been ripped apart as part of the renovations.

“They are afraid to see what’s behind it,” she wrote.

A door is pictured behind a knocked down wall in a Mexican home.
What do you think is behind the door? Source: Facebook/ Diana Alexandra

People on Facebook threw out guesses, some jokingly, at what was hiding behind the mysterious door.

One woman suggested there could be a wine cellar behind it while another hoped there was money inside.

“Could be a stash of prohibition era booze,” one man wrote.

Another woman wrote a “mummy” could be lurking behind the door.

Some people suggested the woman shouldn’t open the door at all - given the many issues already facing the world in 2020.

“Being 2020 not quite sure I'd open the door,” one woman wrote.

Another woman wrote, “I’d leave the secret door alone” while another wrote she should “cover it back up”.

“I mean, you've seen how the rest of 2020 is going. Maybe we shouldn't open the cursed door,” another woman wrote.

Such was the curiosity and hysteria over the mystery door the post received 7,000 comments in under 20 minutes.

“Dying to know what's behind it. Also terrified to have it opened,” one woman wrote.

The woman’s family did eventually remove the door.

“I hate 2020,” she wrote.

“It’s just bricks.”

A brick wall found behind a hidden door in a Mexican house.
Well, that just about sums up 2020, doesn't it? Source: Facebook/ Diana Alexandra

She added the family isn’t sure if they will tear the bricks down as the house is connected to another building.

“There are businesses behind that wall but we aren’t sure how far apart they are from where the wall is so there might be something or you’ll hit someone’s shop,” she wrote.

Despite the find, people are now urging the woman to find out what’s behind the bricks.

“Those bricks are new. Surely something fishy,” one man wrote.

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