Parents furious over baffling discovery at children's playground

Parents have been left confused and angry over a bizarre form of vandalism at a children’s playground.

One parent posted pictures on social media after she made the baffling discovery at Chapel Street Park in Swanwick, Hampshire, in the UK.

“So today I take my little girl to Chapel Street Park, and this is what I found. Baked beans on the swings, the kids roundabout and on the basketball area,” a mother shared on Facebook, along with photos of playground equipment smeared with baked beans.

Locals near the park were baffled by the behaviour, and thought after months in lockdown people would show more appreciation for the outdoors.

“I don't understand. When we have all been cooped up for a while now, would have thought people would want to look after parks,” an upset parent wrote.

Baked beans left on playground equipment
A mother has been left confused after discovering baked beans smeared on playground equipment. Source: Facebook/Spotted Swanwick 2

The Facebook post has been shared more than 11,000 times and attracted more than 9,000 comments from people scratching their heads over the strange scene.

“Nasty bugger! Rather than wasting beans by raining on other people’s parade they could have donated those beans to a food bank. Shows where the culprit’s priorities lie,” one person replied.

"It’s disgraceful. The litter and broken bottles also. Zero respect, such a shame,” another person wrote.

Other people on Facebook saw the funny side and took the opportunity to make some bean-related puns.

“Absolutely out of order!! It’s bean a while for most people since they last ventured out to the park, let’s hope that karma ketchups to those doing it!” one jokester wrote.

“That wasn’t my brightest idea in Heinz sight,” another person added.

Baked beans left on playground equipment
Locals were not happy when they found the local park vandalised with baked beans. Source: Facebook/Spotted Swanwick 2

A few people felt the original poster was overreacting.

“Imagine actually getting upset over baked beans on the swings at the park,” a user wrote.

“I think people are bean a bit dramatic,” another replied.

Others were demanding the culprit be brought to justice.

“Right spill the beans .... Who was it?”

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