Woman mauled to death by sharks tried to swim away with one arm

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: A young woman swimming in the Bahamas tried escaping the clutches of a shark with one arm before it mauled her to death.

Michael Lindsey from California told Good Morning America he was on holiday in the Bahamas with his wife Kami, two sons, and daughter Jordan, 21, along with her girlfriend in June.

On the third day of the holiday the family decided to go to Rose Island with Sandy Toes Tour Company.

Ms Lindsey and Jordan went snorkelling while everyone else went to the other side of the island.

Jordan Lindsey, 21, is pictured here. She died in the Bahamas from a shark attack at Rose Island. She had one arm ripped off and tried to swim sway.
Jordan Lindsey, 21, died in a horrific shark attack in the Bahamas in June. Source: Facebook/ Jordan Lindsey

But while the pair were in the water, Ms Lindsey heard her daughter call out. She initially thought Jordan was surrounded by dolphins but it was actually sharks.

Mr Lindsey told Good Morning America his wife called for Jordan to swim to her but she couldn’t.

“Kami realised the first shark took most of her right arm off and that’s why she should couldn’t swim - she was trying to swim with one arm,” he said.

A second shark came along and took a “giant chunk” out of Jordan’s leg.

Her last words according to her dad were, “Mum, there’s another shark coming”.

Desperate to save her daughter, Ms Lindsey punched the shark in the nose but it did little to stop the attack.

Ms Lindsey managed to get her daughter out of the water following a savagely violent struggle.

One of the sharks suspected of killing Jordan Lindsey is seen circled in waters off Rose Island in the Bahamas. This shark attack and killed 21-year-old Jordan Lindsey.
One of the sharks suspected of attacking Jordan is seen from a boat. Source: Jace Holton

They waited for a boat to take them to shore but it had no medical supplies on board.

Jordan was rushed to hospital but died soon afterwards.

Mr Lindsey said the family “cry every night” recalling how Jordan died.

In a statement, Sandy Toes said “all reasonable steps” were taken to prevent the “unfortunate incident” and staff quickly responded utilising medical protocols.

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