Great white shark gets terrifyingly close to 'oblivious' kids at beach

A shark has been filmed “stalking” kids at a beach on the NSW Mid North Coast.

The great white was filmed at Tuncurry Beach, just north of Forster, on Monday afternoon by The Rogue Droner.

The family are seen playing in the water close to the shore as the shark lurks nearby.

The animal then closes in with the family seemingly unaware. It then turns to swim towards the rock wall before turning back to face the beach.

A great white shark seen at Tuncurry Beach.
The great white swims off Tuncurry Beach. Source: YouTube/ The Rogue Droner

The drone operator told Yahoo News Australia the shark was hunting for food in and around the break wall.

“It is fairly rare, from my experience, to see one this energetic and also so close to shore,” he said.

He added the video shows sharks aren’t “interested in actively ‘attacking’ humans”.

On YouTube, people said the video had them on the edge of their seats.

A great white sharks swims just metres from a family at Tuncurry Beach.
The shark swims just metres from a family. Some people noted the video illustrates how unaware beachgoers are to sharks swimming nearby. Source: YouTube/ The Rogue Droner

“It's amazing to see how oblivious people in the water are of what is next to them,” one man wrote.

“With that said this video demonstrates one thing - sharks aren't mindless killers.

“If he wanted them, he would have found a way to get them. Looked to me like he was playing around or something like that. Sure, he went near the kids but after that didn't look like posing a risk.”

In June, a shark was filmed watching a family at the same beach.

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