The horrifying moment woman is sandwiched between two cars - and survives

A woman has miraculously survived being sandwiched between two cars, during a horrific collision on New Year’s Day.

Kanta Anand, 40, was filmed on CCTV walking outside her home in Delhi, India, when a teenage driver crashed into her.

The woman was struck by the car as it was flipped onto its side.

Kanta Anand was waiting outside her apartment complex when the car slammed into her. Photo: LiveLeak

A crowd of people lifted the car off Ms Anand and rushed her to hospital.

It’s considered a miracle Ms Anand survived the collision, suffering a hip fracture.

She is now reportedly in a stable condition in hospital.

Crash aftermath: Ms Anand was dragged and slammed into a black car during the crash. Photos: LiveLeak

It’s alleged the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.

A police spokesman said the teenager wasn’t arrested, as he was only a juvenile. However his father had been issued with a fine.

The driver of the black car suffered minor injuries in the crash.