Woman slams angry parent over 'rude' note in IGA car park

An Aussie mum has blasted a parent for leaving a "petty" note about the way she parked at a shopping centre despite being "in the lines".

Nicole Harvey, who is also a parent, posted a photo of the angry note as well as the way her car was parked outside a NSW supermarket, asking locals to "please share so this person can learn from this".

"This is what is wrong with this world," Ms Harvey complained on a Ballina community group on social media.

"To the person who left me this lovely note just now at Ballina Central IGA — the car that was parked next to me was on the lines so I had less room to work with. They must of left before you came out."

A photo of the note left to the woman about her park and another of the woman's car which is seem to be parked between the lines.
A woman parked at Ballina Central Shopping Centre shared a note she got from an angry parent about the way she parked her car. Source: Facebook

"Maybe next time park in the parents parking. That’s why they made them," she hit back.

In the photo provided by Ms Harvey, her car is not parked straight but is still between the lines.

The note read: "learn to park between the lines, not on them ... Couldn’t get the baby in the car because you parked like an absolute inconsiderate tosspot."

Social media users react to park at Ballina IGA

Since being posted on the Facebook page on Monday, many have shared their thoughts on the situation.

"Seriously there are bigger things this person could worry about! Who writes a note about that!!??" one person said.

"Don’t worry about her just another Karen," another said.

"Technically she parked within the lines," a third person agreed.

However others came to the defence of the frustrated parent who penned the note, also highlighting that "Ballina has a huge problem with parking".

"Parking is not that hard but council could make the parking spaces a bit bigger," one person argued.

"To be fair, there aren't enough parent parking spots in any shopping centre," another complained.

Ms Harvey, who Yahoo News has contacted, believed the parent could've planned in advance and parked further away "if (they) need more than one full spot".

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