Woman shows off bizarre features of her apartment on TikTok

You expect a few quirks when house hunting, but one apartment in Chicago has captured the attention of TikTok after its tenants showcased some of its stranger features.

TikToker Cara Eason posted a tour of the apartment she shares with her roommate, showing off all the questionable design features in her home.

"Things about our Chicago apartment above a Chinese restaurant that just make sense." Ms Eason wrote on the video, adding "and we'll never leave".

A screenshot from a TikTok video showing a woman standing in front of a doorway after plugging in her phone leaving it hanging down.
A TikTok user showed off the 'strategically placed' outlet above her apartment's door. Source: TikTok

Features include two showers and endless outlets

The tour begins with an outlet set above a doorway.

"Strategically set outlets," she wrote, showing her roommate plugging in her phone into its charger and walking away, leaving it dangling off the wall.

Next, she moves on to the bathroom where both residents do have the option to have their own shower, although bizarrely they are next to each other and completely different designs: one with a glass screen and the other a shower curtain.

"Two showers just because," she wrote.

The TikTok showed some more "strategically placed" outlets inside cabinets and cupboards before showing off the balcony, which is located in the attic and opens up to the air-conditioning unit.

She then shows the final feature of her apartment: the mismatched countertops in the kitchen.

"For the aesthetic," she joked in the video.

Two showers next to each other, one with a glass screen and the other with a curtain. Two women are poking their heads out of each.
The apartment is blessed with two showers, right next to each other. Source: TikTok

Users laugh at the hilarious video

Hundreds of TikTokers commented on the video, which at the time of writing has more than 420,000 views, laughing at the unique features.

"This apartment has character," one user declared.

"Ohhh noooo this is a landlord special, none of that was done by pros and is probably not even close to code," another wrote.

Others needed some clarification of the apartment's layout.

"I’m very confused by the balcony views part... is that a window? or just straight up outside? (sic)" one user asked, with a couple adding they were also confused.

"This feels like it was built by a new sims4 player," another joked.

Others were more focused on the apartment's placement above a Chinese restaurant.

"I'd be hungry all the time," a TikToker wrote.

"I hope you get a discount," another joked.

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