Woman shocked to discover the truth about cause of frequent vomiting

A woman who was frequently hospitalised for vomiting was shocked to discover that her mystery illness was caused by smoking marijuana too often.

The 27-year-old woman suffered severe vomiting bouts, which sent her to hospital six times in the past year.

She experienced ‘nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain’ for two days before her latest hospital visit according to a report by Dr Umesh Sharma in the journal, BMJ Case Reports, on October 14.

While she feared a serious illness or pregnancy, the woman was surprised when doctors told her that the cause of her poor health was due to her heavy marijuana use.

The American woman had smoked marijuana on an almost daily basis since the age of 20. Seven years of use  led to the little understood condition ‘cannabis hyperemesis syndrome’, reported LiveScience.

Heavy marijuana use caused the symptoms. Source: Getty (file pic)

The patient was treated with ‘hot showers’, topical capsaicin – which is a substance derived from chilli, and anti-nausea drugs.

The woman was educated about the side effects of cannabis use and advised to stop cannabis use completely. After four days of treatment, she was sent home.

It comes as Canada legalised recreational marijuana use and possession on Wednesday.