Woman 'shamed' over 'inappropriate' outfit on flight

The Southwest Airlines customer says fellow passengers sided with her – but not everyone agrees.

A female passenger has claimed she was shamed by a flight attendant because of her "inappropriate" outfit.

Maggi Thorne shared a photo of herself sat on a Southwest Airlines flight wearing the outfit in question, which she says comprised of a baseball cap, crop top and Nike track pants.

She took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to claim the attendant "just shamed me in front of passengers saying my attire wasn't appropriate".

"Is this really happening in 2023?" she asked, claiming other passengers overheard and were shocked by the employee's alleged issue.

Maggi Thorne's outfit on the flight. Source: X
Maggi Thorne's outfit on the flight. Source: X

Thorne, a former contestant on American Ninja Warrior, said she declined a request to cover up, saying she had not breached any of Southwest Airlines' rules for passengers.

The airline has a rule prohibiting “clothes that are lewd, obscene, or patently offensive", Insider reported.

She told the publication the encounter was "incredibly embarrassing".

Her Twitter post garnered scores of responses, many believing the outfit was suitable for a flight. Others however believed the top she was wearing was merely a sports bra.

She has since claimed the airline has apologised over the incident.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Southwest Airlines for a response to Thorne's claims.

Crop tops previously cause disagreements on flights

In 2021, a similar incident occurred on a Jetstar flight, where model Isabelle Eleanore claimed she was told her crop top was a bikini.

Clothing rules on flights have long been a contentious issue, with varying interpretations of what is deemed appropriate. One woman says she was "degraded" over an encounter on an Alaska Airline flight despite wearing a hoodie on top of her crop top.

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