Woman seriously injured in wolf attack in safari park near Paris

Woman seriously injured in wolf attack in safari park near Paris

A woman is in intensive care after being attacked by three wolves while she was jogging in an animal park near Paris, according to French media.

The woman was bitten “on the neck, the calf and the back” at the Thoiry zoo, located about 40km west of the French capital, the chief prosecutor in Versailles, Maryvonne Caillibotte, said, adding that her life was no longer in danger.

Zookeepers were alerted to the attack on Sunday afternoon when they heard the cries of the 36-year-old woman and managed to free her from the wolves.

According to Christelle Bercheny, the president of Wow Safary Thoiry, the victim has entered the “American reserve” - the main safari area where Mackenzie grey wolves live, as well as coyotes, bears and a bison. The area is supposed to be restricted to cars.

It was not clear “whether she made a mistake or if the trail wasn’t clearly marked,” Caillibotte added.

An investigation into how she managed to enter the area has been opened, according to Le Parisien.

The park offers accommodation near the wolf and bear enclosures, with the lodge area protected by electric fences and ditches, France Info news site reports.

The woman is believed to have spent the night with her family in one of the safari-style lodges at the zoo.

The three grey wolves remain in the safari zone, which was closed for investigation until mid-morning Monday