'That woman was left to die': Teen sentenced for vicious stabbing

A teenage boy who repeatedly stabbed a woman for her mobile phone and left her for dead has been sentenced to four  years behind bars.

Stella Trevisani suffered what were described as “stomach-churning” injuries  that have left her with life-long physical and emotional scars.

Ms Trevisani needed 300 stitches for her stab wounds. Source: 7 News
Stella Trevisani suffered injuries  that have left her with life-long physical and emotional scars. Source: 7 News

It’s been exactly five months since Ms Trevisani was attacked while walking to Claisebrook train station in Perth.

She needed 300 stitches after she was stabbed five times for her mobile phone.

On Friday her male attacker, who was just 15 at the time,  was sentenced to four years in jail.

“It’s pretty sad and disappointing, and I’m pretty upset,” Ms Trevisani said.

Ms Trevisani said she was disappointed by the sentence given to her attacker. Source: 7 News

The 27-year-old was on her way home from a shift at an East Perth cafe when the teenager demanded her phone.

When she refused, he lashed out with a knife, and even when she handed over the $100 phone he continued to stab her.

“He inflicted those injuries upon her and he walked away. That woman was left to die,” the prosecutor said.

The Children’s Court heard the attack was the culmination of months of drug abuse and other alleged violent crimes, including home burglary, threatening to kill a stranger while trying to rob him using a hammer, and assaulting a taxi driver.

The teenager doesn’t remember much of the attack on Stella but he pleaded guilty.

The boy continue his stabbing frenzy even after his victim had handed over her phone. Source: 7 News

His lawyer says he suffers from a cognitive impairment.

“He’s a very good boy when he wants to be,” the boy’s father said. “But drugs affect all our lives.”

While the memory of what happened is forever carved into her skin, Ms Trevisani is determined not to let it dictate her future.

“I try to move on, you know, live my life but at the same time it’s impossible to ignore,” she said.