Woman furious after she was 'cakefished' with $85 order

The Sydney resident was desperate to find out if her anger was justified, but received varying responses online.

You've likely heard of the dating scenario of someone being catfished, but have you heard of the term to be 'cakefished'?

Well that's what one Sydney woman used to describe her situation after she ordered a birthday cake for her mother and was less than impressed with what she received.

"I've just had the worst experience from a cake maker," the woman said to a community Facebook group last week.

She shared pictures of the cake she believed she was getting with the one she received, which differed in colour, font and style of the birthday message and was missing decorative balls.

She told Yahoo News Australia the picture of the one she ordered was shared to the cake maker's social accounts and was a cake she was "claiming she had made".

The cake the woman believed she was getting (left), and the one she received (right). Source: Facebook
The cake the woman believed she was getting (left), and the one she received (right). Source: Facebook

The woman claimed the cake maker was abusive to her and told her she had "high expectations" after complaining about the cake, which she paid $85 for.

Desperate to find out other people's opinions on the matter, the woman took to Facebook.

"Just so I'm not going mad.... have I been cakefished?" she asked.

Many people sided with the woman, with one saying they "wouldn't be happy" receiving the cake she did.

"That takes the cake," another joked. Others called it "so bad" and "terrible".

People praise value of cake amid cost-of-living crisis

Yet some sympathised with the cake maker, who argued her prices were so low the woman should have anticipated such a standard of cake.

"$85 for a cake is cheap in Sydney. I have never had one made for less than $200 for my kids," one person said.

Another chimed in saying they'd "be happy" with receiving that cake for the price.

"I just wrote it off as a loss and laughed it off in the end," the woman told Yahoo.

Another case of a customer not being happy with a business's services made headlines right across the world in 2018 when a 'professional' photographer charged a family around US$200 for a group portrait, which was widely mocked online for the appalling touch up job afterwards that made them look like cartoons.

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