Why the internet is in hysterics over this family's 'professional' photoshoot

Josh Dutton

A family has been left with an album of hilarious photos after a photographer reportedly failed to retouch them properly.

Pam Dave Zaring posted the photos to Facebook, saying she paid a photographer, “who claimed to be a professional”, between $US200 - $250 for the shoot.

Ms Zaring, from the US state of Missouri, said the photographer told her the “shadows were really bad on the beautiful, clear, sunny day and that her professor never taught her to retouch photos”.

The result is priceless, with the family’s faces left misshapen and pale white. They all have the same cartoon-like facial expression.

Pam Dave Zaring paid for family photos. She claims this is the result. Source: Lesa Hall

The hilarious family photos have since gone viral with more than 230,000 shares and 178,000 likes.

Some Facebook users are hoping Ms Zaring got her money back but others have found humour in the finished product.

One user said she's been laughing so hard she's crying.

“You all look like serial killers,” another said.

Another simply said, “This cannot be real. Please tell me this isn’t real… Please.”

Ms Zaring said the photographer told her she was never taught how to retouch photos. It's not too obvious. Source: Lesa Hall

One user noted the dogs, for some reason, weren’t retouched.

But despite some seeing the experience as a waste of money, Ms Zaring plans to keep the strange photos in an album.

She and her family have seen the funny side.

“I have literally not laughed this hard in years!” she posted.

“You can’t make this stuff up.”

Ms Hall still plans to keep the photos. Source: Lesa Hall