Woolworths 'hack' transforms simple cake: 'This is genius'

There have been plenty of Woolworths Mud Cakehacks’ over the years, but an Australian cake decorator has been praised for her new innovative design.

Using just one Chocolate Mud Cake that retails for $5.25, a bag of M&Ms and some marshmallows, Tegan ‘Tigga’ Maccormack created a beautiful rainbow cake.

L: Two hands pushing together two pieces of a Woolworths mud cake. R: A hand placing red M&Ms onto a frosted rainbow cake.
The baker's tutorial using a Woolworths cake is simple and easy to follow. Photo: Instagram/tigga_mac

The baker started with one simple Mud Cake, and cut it into two pieces. Then, she placed the two pieces with the chocolate icing on the inside, to make a semi-circle shape.

After that, she covered the cake with icing, and told followers that it doesn’t have to be neat at all.


“I then grabbed a bag of family-sized M&Ms, and then I just covered the entire cake.

“I was going for a rainbow effect, so I put them in the order of red, orange, yellow, green and blue, and I literally just continued it over the entire thing until it looked like that,” she explained.

Being a cake decorator, she wanted to give the cake a little bit of pizazz — but said the next step was optional.

L: A hand sprinkling hundreds and thousands onto a rainbow cake. R: A shot of a finished rainbow cake, covered in M&Ms and marshmallows.
Mums praised the baker for such an easy and 'genius' hack. Photo: Instagram/tigga_mac

Using a bag of marshmallows, she placed them on the edge of the cake to imitate fluffy clouds.

Parents were enamoured with the cake, and commented that the rainbow cake would be perfect for children’s birthdays or toddler cake smash celebrations.

“This is genius — even I could manage this!” one mum joked.

“This is awesome! My son is already asking for a rainbow cake for his next birthday and this is definitely in my skill set,” another added.

“Omg, somewhere the Women’s Weekly birthday cake book is shaking in its boots. This is so cute and so much easier than cutting weird shapes, and involves no moulding of rice bubbles and weird melted marshmallows to get the weird duck shape,” a third fan quipped.

However, some professional cake decorators weren’t happy with the video, with one even accusing Tigga of making the cake business harder.

“Although it’s very cute, you’ve just shown people a hack that will encourage more questions to us cakers why custom cakes cost so much. Even though our cakes taste a million times better and don’t have all the crap that these cakes have in them,” a professional baker wrote.

Tigga acknowledged the criticism and noted that she shared this video for people who may be going through ‘tough times’ and have no means to pay for a professional cake.

“These fun hacks mean everyone’s child can still be celebrated with a fun cake!” she wrote.

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