Woman finds deadly snake in bed: 'I'd never be able to sleep again'

The Queensland woman was changing the sheets when she made the heart-stopping discovery.

A deadly almost two-metre snake was found "having a snooze" in a frightened Aussie woman's bed – something a snake expert admitted was a seriously unusual sight.

Zachery Richards, a reptile and snake handler on the Gold Coast, told Yahoo News Australia that the poor woman was just "changing her sheets" on Monday morning when she came across the huge eastern brown snake slithering underneath her doona.

He described how in his experience, it was rare to find a snake trying to make itself comfortable in such a manner. "I don't find them there everyday," he joked. "It would've come in through an open door or window."

Two photos of the venomous brown snake found in a Queensland woman's bed, living in the small rural town of Maroon.
A Queensland woman living in Maroon was changing her sheets when she came across the deadly 183cm snake. Source: Facebook

Given that it was a hot day, with temperatures soaring "in the 30s," the snake expert concluded the big guy would've been "seeking shelter in the house" located in the rural town of Maroon.

"They'll get under your fridge, they'll get into all sorts of places and the bed just looked like a good place to have a snooze," he said.

The size of the snake was also described as quite "decent," with Mr Richards predicting it "had a fairly good life with some good feeds" under its belt.

'Don't try deal with it yourself'

Bagging the creature and releasing it "a couple of kilometres away" into bushland, Mr Richards said it's now "away from people and houses".

He warned others not to take matters into their own hands and rather rely on an expert when it comes to potentially deadly species.

"If you see one, just back away slowly, shut the door, put a towel under the door and ring a professional," he advised.

Posting photos of the 1.83 metre brown snake on the Zachery's Snake and Reptile Relocation Facebook page, he also encouraged people to "check the bed carefully" before hopping in.

The post attracted plenty of attention, garnering more than 1,500 comments full of unnerved Aussies.

"I'd never be able sleep again," one person commented. "My worst nightmare," another said.

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