Aussie expert reveals bizarre way snakes can get into houses

Many people were terrified to learn how easily a snake can enter the home.

Mind-boggling footage has shown how a venomous snake has slithered its way under a door, unlocking a "new fear" for people.

The curious and rather funny footage by Melbourne snake catcher Mark Pelley shows a large and highly venomous eastern brown snake — a common species in Australia — flattening itself to get through a door.

"I'm frequently asked how snakes enter the house, so I thought I'd show you," Mark, also known on his TiKok handle as The Snake Hunter, says in the video.

A photo of Melbourne snake catcher Mark Pelley. A photo of an Eastern Brown Snake in a Melbourne home, wedging under a door.
Melbourne snake catcher Mark Pelley has shown a common way snakes get into people’s house. Source: TikTok/snakehunteraus

"Eastern brown snakes — even a large one like this — have the ability to flatten themselves out and gradually squeeze under tiny gaps under doors. I frequently find them them inside Australian houses in summer."

This particular deadly creature was found in the suburb of Diamond Bay, crawling underneath an internal door in a unit, Mr Pelley told Yahoo News Australia.

To top things off, turns out all snakes in Melbourne are able to flatten themselves, while "big thick pythons found in other parts of Australia wouldn't be able to do that".

"All snakes endemic to Melbourne are venomous and have the ability to flatten themselves out to squeeze into tight spaces," he said.

Brown snake found inside fridge

While doors are the most common way for snakes to invite themselves in, pet doors, shoes and unknowingly being carried in are some of the others.

Mr Pelley painted the scene from a recent case. "A man put his shopping bag full of fruits and veggies on the ground outside the front door, goes to get the rest from the car, the snake crawls inside the bag," he said.

"The man goes inside the house, chucks the bag inside the fridge, goes to pick up the kids. Comes home, opens the fridge and sees a brown snake crawling inside."

Social media users react to wild video

The video received almost 323,000 views, with many people being mortified to learn this piece of information.

"New fear unlocked thanks," one person commented on TikTok.

"No I didn’t need to know this!!!!!!" another said.

When asked how to prevent snakes from getting into the home, Mr Pelley said there was "no way to 100 per cent stop snakes from crawling in" however recommended to buy draught stoppers for all external doors and "try make sure the door is a tight fit against the ground".

As for rescuing the snake in the video, Mr Pelley said it was "slow," given its compromising position, but he eventually got there.

"As the snake tried to go through, I touched it with my hands and it turned around and crawled back towards me," he said."

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