Woman's baffling discovery in bag of Coles-branded potato chips

A woman has shared her bemusing discovery inside a bag of Coles-branded potato chips on Facebook.

Joanna Moyle, from Queensland, purchased the bag of chips from the Coles in Coomera, on the Gold Coast.

The bag of Original Crinkle Cut chips was meant to have 20 individual bags of the Coles brand chips inside.

However, Ms Moyle told Yahoo News Australia when her partner opened the bag of chips and showed her, she saw that not all the chips were the same.

“They were a mixture of Aldi and Coles chips,” she said.

A woman on the Gold Coast quite literally had a mixed bag of chips. Source: Facebook / Joanna Moyle

In the photos Ms Moyle shared on Facebook, you can see some of the smaller, individual bags were Coles brand chips, while others were Sprinters, an Aldi brand of chips – both crinkle cut and original.

Luckily Ms Moyle found the situation amusing and confirmed the chips, although different brands, do taste and look the same.

“I just thought they must have been made in the same factory,” she said.

Ms Moyle, who owns Pilates 101 on the Gold Coast and is a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, says she doesn’t eat chips all the time.

“Chips or crisps are ok every now and then, just not part of your regular diet,” she said.

“My boyfriend eats most of the chips in our house.”

Joanna said despite the different packaging, the chips did taste the same. Source: Facebook / Joanna Moyle.

Joanna shared the photos of the chips to the Coles Facebook page and the supermarket giant responded, asking her to send through the product details.

“We're really concerned to see our Original Crinkle Cut Chips that you bought,” Coles wrote on the Facebook post.

A spokesperson for the supermarket told Yahoo News Australia it appeared to be a packaging error and would follow it up with their supplier.

An Aldi spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that Sprinters is an Aldi brand, but did not give any further comment.

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