'Gross': Woman fed up with tradies using her only toilet

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

A Sydney woman has hit out at a bunch of tradies who began using her outside toilet without permission.

Paige Hart, from Marrickville, in the city’s inner-west, was having NBN installed at her home recently when a worker asked to use her bathroom.

“He asked to use the bathroom and of course I said sure,” Ms Hart told Yahoo News Australia.

Ms Hart's toilet. It is the only one at her home. Source: Supplied

But after his visit to the bathroom, which houses the only toilet at the address, she claims a stream of workers from the corporation then began using her outside toilet, despite there being no NBN work on the street at the time.

“In the coming weeks, I noticed more workers just walking down the side of the house,” she said.

She said she would see at least one worker every two days using the toilet.

“It was starting to become quite intimidating to me as a lone woman working from home during the day with large strange men passing my windows and using my bathroom.”

It got to the point where she didn’t feel comfortable going to the bathroom by herself.

The alleyway where workers have been walking down to access the bathroom. Source: Supplied

“I have to get my husband to take me to the bathroom at night because I feel unsafe.”

Toilet becoming ‘gross’

She revealed she wouldn’t mind too much if the bathroom was left the way it was found. She said on most occasions the toilet seat was left up – a habit her husband never does.

“I wouldn't mind if they asked and had some decorum, but my bathroom is quickly turning gross,” she said.

“I get everyone needs to use the bathroom and there's a lack of public loos this side of town, but if you're going to go down the old trespassing for necessity route, at least leave the place in the state you found it.”

A note that Ms Hart left the workers using her toilet. Source: Supplied

At her wit’s end, Ms Hart decided to leave a message on her bathroom door, asking for the workers to respect her property.

“If you’re going to use our private resident bathroom without asking, at least put the f****** toilet seat down and flush,” she wrote.

Ms Hart shared her concerns in a local community Facebook group, with many users sympathetic towards her situation.

While some suggested she should call the police for trespassing, many agreed that was a step too far.

“Seems a bit harsh [to call police]. You’ve left a note, have a word with them also,” one person advised.

An NBN Co spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they are investigating the matter and apologised to Ms Hart for her inconvenience.

“We understand the homeowner had granted access to a worker on one occasion, however, we recognise that this does not constitute ongoing permission,” the spokesperson said.

“We will be addressing this matter with the field crew accordingly and we apologise to the homeowner for the disturbance.”

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