Woman reveals horrific jet ski accident injuries in shocking TikTok

A NSW woman has detailed the horrific injuries she suffered after falling off the back of a jet ski.

Matilda, 21, was on the back of a jet ski with friends in 2020 when she slipped off her seat into the water, causing the jet of the jet ski to “shoot up” her rectum.

"I somehow lost grip on the person in front of me and I fell backwards," she explained in a TikTok video.

"The water jet shot up my bum and tore up my insides."

A photo of Matilda in hospital after her accident showing the scars on her stomach after surgery.
Matilda was severely injured after she fell off the back of a jet ski. Source: TikTok/ Matilda_Sews

Matilda immediately knew she was seriously injured

The Port Macquarie woman said as soon as she fell off the jet ski, she knew was seriously injured.

"I kept vomiting every few seconds, and every time I vomited I felt intestines coming out of my bum,” Matilda explained.

“Once I got to shore, the paramedics came and they saved me. I woke up in the hospital 24 hours later and I found out that I had perforated my bowel, my intestines and tore my sphincters," she continued.

"It meant that all the contents of my bowel went inside my abdominal cavity as well as some dirt and water from the lake.”

Due to the extent of her injuries, Matilda explained surgeons had to take out her abdominal organs, "clean them", before "putting the bowel and the intestines back in."

"They also had to create a stoma [an artificial opening on the abdomen] due to the damage that was done in the accident," she said.

In a TikTok comment, Matilda explained that she's not "100 percent back to normal", but is pretty close.

TikTok users couldn't believe the severity of her injuries

Matilda posted several videos explaining her accident in detail, with thousands of people in disbelief over the extent of her injuries from falling off the popular water vehicle.

“I’ve heard of this kind of accident, and it’s kind of common,” one person wrote.

“Sometimes it can be way worse and people lose some of their intestines," another agreed.

"There needs to be more awareness about jet ski accidents and how to prevent them," another suggested.

matilda sews was in hospital after a horrific jetski accident
Matilda's injuries were so horrific she had to have her abdominal organs removed and cleaned before being put back inside her body. Source: TikTok/Matilda_sews

In a full circle moment, one of Matilda's nurses saw her video, reaching out to express how glad she was that she was well on the road to recovery.

"Matilda, so glad to see you're healed and reversed. I was one of the nurses that cared for you on East6! So glad to see that you're recovered," the nurse Bree wrote.

"I remember you and your kindness," Matilda replied. "You're the kind of nurse that changes peoples lives for the better, thank you."

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