Woman claims she was thrown out of supermarket over 'hot' outfit

OnlyFans creator Lara Ferreira has hit out, claiming she was thrown out of a supermarket in Miami, USA, because of her appearance.

The social media devotee - who has 17,000 Instagram followers - claims she was simply shopping for groceries when she visited the store in an admittedly skimpy outfit.

She was ultimately asked to leave when she was recognised by the owner, the Brazilian native argued.

"I felt humiliated. I was so shocked when he threw me out of the supermarket, screaming.

"My look wasn’t naughty, I wear similar in Brazil on a daily basis and never experienced a problem," she said.

The woman claims her saucy attire provoked the ire of the Miami store owner. Source: Australscope
The woman claims her saucy attire provoked the ire of the Miami store owner. Source: Australscope

Ms Ferreira believes the store owner was suspicious that she intended to shooting video content from inside the store.

"Turns out, they thought I was going to show off inside the shop and film it with my phone," she said.

"But at no point did I go there for that.”

Demonstrating the level of self awareness most people come to expect from so-called influencers, the wannabe model claimed she was told to leave simply because she was "hot".

"The worker accused me of something I didn’t do. For me, it’s prejudice just because I’m hot," she said.

"It was a shame."

While a cynic might attribute the incident to self-promotional vanity, it's far from the first time a high-profile influencer has been allegedly punished due to a provocative outfit.

An influencer was kicked out of a Dubai shopping mall last year over her outfit, while a woman went viral on TikTok last year for claiming her mechanic banned her over an inappropriate outfit.

Airlines notoriously enforce dress codes, with complaints often appearing online from those who fall afoul of the carrier's dress standards.

- Australscope

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