Woman 'banned from mechanic' over her 'inappropriate' outfit

A woman has called out her local mechanic after staff made her stand outside while they fixed her car, because she was wearing a revealing crop top.

Tia Wood took to TikTok to talk about her experience, writing: “[I] Was told to wait outside the inspection station because my shirt was too inappropriate."


Screenshot from Tia Wood's TikTok video showing her outfit: A red bra-like crop top and denim shorts
Tia Wood claims staff told her to wait outside the mechanic due to her outfit. Source: TikTok/ Tia Wood

In the video — which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times — Ms Wood shows off the outfit she claims stopped her from being allowed inside the mechanic. She's seen wearing a burgundy crop top which exposes her stomach, denim shorts and white sneakers.

"Not only was I forced to wait outside but I was instructed to walk around the back of the building so no one saw me," she added in a later comment.

Her outfit divides TikTokers

While some users were outraged by her story, others pointed out they could see why staff thought her outfit was inappropriate.

"Most places have a dress code and that wouldn't be considered a shirt," one user wrote.

"Deff inappropriate for a business, they were right," agreed another.

"There's nothing wrong with your outfit," argued another.

"It may have been for safety reasons," one TikTok user pointed out. "A lot of workplaces that involve machinery require at least a T-shirt with sleeves."

Women kicked out of pub over crop top

It's not the first time a woman has shared their story of being denied entry due to their wardrobe choice.

Earlier in the month, a woman took to TikTok claiming her and a friend got kicked out of a pub chain in the UK due to their “inappropriate” attire.

Ms Wood claims herself and a friend were initially allowed in wearing a bra-like top with a midi skirt, but were later asked to leave by a staff member who told them their clothing was “inappropriate”.

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