'INFURIATED': Women kicked out of pub over 'inappropriate' outfits

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Two women claim they were booted out of a pub due to their “inappropriate” attire.

Mollie Wood, 20, from England, took to TikTok claiming she was refused entry to a Wetherspoons in Reading on Sunday.

Wetherspoons in a pub chain in the UK and Ireland.

Ms Wood claims her and her friend were initially allowed in and were each wearing a top with slight underboob and midriff seen along with a midi skirt.

Mollie Wood, 20, is pictured.
Mollie Wood, 20, (left) said she was booted out of a pub for wearing this top. Source: Instagram/ Mollie Wood

She says as she got inside a staff member informed her and a friend their clothing was “inappropriate” and they had to leave.

Ms Wood added the staff member told her the pub had been kicking out topless men that day and compared what she and her friend were wearing to the topless men.

“I’m so infuriated,” she said.

She added she was allowed into the same pub earlier in the week wearing the same thing.

Parts of England are also going through a heatwave with temperatures rising to about the mid-20s.

TikTok viewers were divided over whether Ms Wood and her friend should have been allowed entry, though most sided with the English woman.

One woman wrote Wetherspoons “is hardly the Ritz”.

“I don’t see the issue,” another woman wrote.

Another woman called it “the biggest joke ever”.

However, some suggested Ms Wood and her friend shouldn’t have been allowed in.

“You literally may as well not wear a top though,” one woman wrote.

One man wrote the attire was “inappropriate” and it should be up to the manager’s discretion to enforce dress codes.

According to Wetherspoons’ website, customers are asked to remain fully clothed with shoes on but some may operate with different dress codes.

Eddie Gershon, spokesman for J D Wetherspoon, told The Mirror the chain supported management’s decision to not allow the women entry.

“What may be considered appropriate dress is invariably a matter of individual judgement,” he told the paper.

He added “no offence” was intended.

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