'Traumatised': Mum 'shamed' over outfit and banned from theme park

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A mum's visit to a theme park with her family came to an abrupt end after a park officer confronted her over the "inappropriate" length of her shorts before issuing her a five-year ban. 

Bailey Breedlove got to the Frontier City Theme Park, in the US state of Oklahoma, with her family at about 5pm on April 30, and two hours later had attracted attention from a park officer. 

Ms Breedlove said her daughter was yelled at by a park officer after rolling down a hill with her roller-shoes, and claimed she was then confronted by the officer, who said her shorts were "too short". 

The distressed mum, who has autism, walked to get her boyfriend but the officer still "followed me yelling and calling for backup", according to a post she made to Facebook.

Mum and daughter at a theme park.
The mum was filmed being confronted while sitting on a ledge next to her daughter. Source: TikTok/baileybreedlove970

"Then your incompetent manager showed up and began body shaming me," her post, directed at the theme park, read.

"I was told I needed to go buy new shorts, which I am not obligated to purchase anything I don't want to."

The mum claimed she was then "threatened with criminal trespassing", even after agreeing that she would buy new shorts so her family could continue enjoying the park. 

After being escorted towards the entrance to the park, she claimed a woman who said she was a police officer requested to see her identification.

A clip of the scene, later shared to TikTok showed Ms Breedlove sitting on a ledge while several authority figures stood above her, saying that she would not be allowed to leave until she presented her ID. 

"They wouldn't provide us with badge numbers and I was terrified I was about to go to jail over a pair of shorts," she wrote. 

"Your officers had my 11-year-old daughter crying hysterically thinking her mother was about to be arrested."

Police department says park officers were not police

The mum went on to accuse the theme park of having "vague and confusing" policies, allowing officers to "body shame and discriminate".

"I paid a lot of money at your park for our family vacation and I believe I deserve a refund for the trauma caused to my family over a pair of shorts on a hot day," she wrote. 

In an update to her post she said she had contacted the Oklahoma Police Department which had confirmed none of the officers in the video were police officers.

"I have a five-year ban now but will not be returning to any of your parks if this is how you treat women, law abiding citizens and visitors. You should be ashamed with yourselves."

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