Woman claims she was shamed at the gym over 'distracting' pants

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An influencer and author was humiliated after being being told her leggings were too "distracting" at the gym, making her "never want to go back there again".

Kerry Rose Schwartz claimed the owner of the women-only gym came up to her to talk about her "dress code" after a few women complained her leggings — popularised on TikTok — made them feel "uncomfortable".

The gym-goers also labelled them as "distracting and also offensive".

A photo of a woman talking and another photo of the same woman in yellow leggings and a sports bra.
A woman shared her experience on TikTok where she claimed to be shamed at the gym for wearing tight leggings. Source: TikTok

The 'Series of Unfortunate Men' author said the comments were "really disappointing," and took a hit to her confidence which she struggles with anyway.

"I've struggled with body dysmorphia and feeling comfortable in gyms my entire life," Ms Schwartz said on TikTok. "My initial reaction was confusion and shock, and then embarrassment."

She also posted a photo of the outfit she wore that day at the gym — a pair of yellow leggings and a sports bra, which she didn't see a problem with.

"How am I making women feel uncomfortable?" she asked on TikTok. "This is supposed to be a safe space. I would love to hear from an owner of a gym about why this would be offensive or if you are a gym-goer or another woman."

Social media users support woman

More than 1000 people took to the comments section to offer words of affirmation to Ms Schwartz, who was left feeling "self-conscious" by the experience.

"You look great. Ladies are jelly!" one person said. To which she responded with "I hate to think that they were hating! But it’s a very 'mean girl' thing to do!".

A few gym owners also thought the woman did nothing wrong. "Gym owner here — I’m so sorry this happened to you. You look amazing and are dressed completely appropriate," one person said.

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