Mum killed instantly after horrific gym accident in front of daughter

A young girl has watched her mum die instantly in a horrific gym accident after she attempted to lift a heavy weight.

The unnamed woman, aged between 35 and 40-years-old, was working out at Gym Fitness Sport gymnasium in Mexico City on February 21 when the incident occurred.

The woman was exercising, apparently with her daughter watching on, when she tried to lift 180kg.

Pictured is the moment when a woman died after a bar with 180kg of weight fell on her neck when she was exercising at a gym in Mexico.
The mum died after a bar with 180kg of weight fell on her neck while she was exercising at the gym. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

In CCTV footage, a man can be seen adjusting the weights on a machine before the mum positions herself to lift the weight.

But it all goes horribly wrong, and the bar immediately hits the back of her neck, pinning her down and reportedly crushing her neck, killing her instantly.

One man can be seen lying her on her side as they all look on in apparent shock.

The man and the young girl try to lift the barbell off the woman to free her, but their attempts are in vain.

Pictured is the woman after the bar fell on her in the gym
The woman died in front of her daughter at the gym. Source: Newsflash

Two other people then come over and help lift the device, with the woman then slumping lifeless on the floor.

The daughter was unharmed in the incident, however it is understood she has since been receiving psychological support and was very affected by the incident.

The state prosecutor's office has opened an investigation into the incident.

The owner of the gym, who has not been named, was reportedly briefly arrested in order to confirm the woman's identity.

The investigation is ongoing.

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