Influencer slams 'disappointing looks' after wearing gym attire to Woolworths

A popular TikTok influencer has divided opinions online, after sharing she often receives 'uncomfortable' looks in the supermarket — all because of her gym attire.

Australian fitness influencer Sophie Allen posted a video to her TikTok, showing her wearing full-length leggings and a crop top to do some grocery shopping.

Although Ms Allen was wearing her usual gym outfit, she noted the looks she was getting from fellow shoppers, prompting her to call them out on it.

Screenshot from the TiKTok video showing influencer Sophie Allen wearing a crop top and leggings in a supermarket.
Sophie Allen, a fitness influencer, said she receives 'uncomfortable' looks when she wears her gym clothes into the supermarket. Source: TikTok

“The hate you get being a female wearing a crop top in the supermarket just hits different,” she wrote on the video, which has been viewed over 1.8 million times.

'You want the attention': Users divided

The video was flooded with thousands of comments, with users not holding back in telling the 31-year-old their opinions on the matter.

"That's not a crop top that's a bra," one user commented on the video.

"You know what you doing. You want the attention," said another.

“It’s like wearing a bathing suit to the movies. The outfit just doesn’t match the location,” another said.

"That’s crazy you would go into any shop like that! At least put a t-shirt on," said another.

However, others defended the personal trainer, many saying they have experienced the same thing.

“If wearing a sports bra makes someone uncomfortable, they are the problem,” one user wrote.

“She’s just hot – that’s why you have a problem,” another argued.

Ms Allen told she regularly receives “disapproving looks” from strangers when she wears her workout clothes into the supermarket.

“The kind that make you feel uncomfortable just from an energy exchange perspective,” she explained, with many women commenting on her video to say they feel the same way.

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