Woman claims husband stopped from shopping at Woolworths because of thongs

A woman claims her husband was told he could not shop at Woolworths while he was wearing thongs.

She wrote on a bargain-shopping Facebook page her husband was turned away from a store in Kings Langley, in Sydney’s northwest, for the bizarre reason.

“Has anyone heard of Woolworths not allowing customers to shop in thongs now because of oh&s (occupational health and safety) policy introduced?” she said.

“My hubby went to grab a pavlova and was told he couldn’t shop in store because he was wearing thongs and they have introduced a new oh&s policy.

“I have contacted Woolworths head office for confirmation of this as they wouldn’t let him speak to the manager.”

Woolworths said there was no issue with wearing thongs in stores. Source: AAP

Other shoppers were shocked and compared it to the infamous policy at Bunnings that affected sausage sizzles.

Due to slipping hazards, Bunnings introduced a policy that required onions had to be placed on the bread underneath the sausage rather than on top.

“First the sausage now thongs,” one commented.

That is ridiculous I always shop in thongs if anyone told me I can’t I would put in a complaint,” another said.

Some found the woman’s claims hard to believe and suggested the husband may have made up the story.

A person claiming to be a Woolworths employee commented on the post saying it was not true.

“I work at Woolworths and have never heard of this,” she said.

The woman claims her husband was asked to leave Woolworths because he was wearing thongs. Source: Getty/file

A Woolworths spokesperson said it was not part of their policy and they had no record of the woman contacting them.

“At Woolworths, we’re proud to be a part of everyday life for millions of Australians across all hours of the day,” the spokesperson said in a statement. 

“We’re happy to welcome customers in our stores in their runners, work boots, heels, thongs and even Crocs.  

“As long as there is something on their feet, customers are welcome to enter our store.”

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