Woman catches 'creep' filming her on Jetstar flight

A woman has shared the moment she confronted a man on a plane who she claims was filming her from across the aisle.

Anueta, or @its_anueta on TikTok, said she noticed a man in the row opposite her had been filming her with his phone.

By the time the woman decided to start filming, the man had turned his attention to a book.

“This creep on a flight was secretly recording me for 10min and I caught him,” the caption on the video says.

“Excuse me,” Anueta is heard saying in the video.

“I’m going to give you one chance to delete it or I’m going to tell police when we get off the plane.”

A woman caught a man filming her on a flight. Source: TikTok/its_anueta
A woman claims she caught a man filming her without her consent on a flight. Source: TikTok/its_anueta

The man is seen picking up his phone and pushing buttons before Anueta asks if the video had been deleted. She then tells him to also delete it from his deleted folder.

She makes him show her his phone, so she knows he has deleted the video of her.

Once she is satisfied he had deleted the video, she calls him a “piece of s**t”. At the end of the clip the man says he was only filming her for “10 seconds” and not the “whole time”.

Police called to airport over incident

“If you think this is ok you’re part of the problem,” Anueta wrote on TikTok.

She said the police got involved after the plane landed and commended her for standing up to the man.

The video has been viewed over 60,000 times since Anueta shared the clip earlier this week.

The video was met with mixed reviews - some criticising Anueta for filming the man, while telling him off for filming her.

“Why are you recording him?” one person commented on the video.

“You could have done this privately however you chose to put it on TikTok.”

Anueta said she is using her platform to encourage others to do so if they are also in a situation where they are made to feel uncomfortable.

Anueta was then forced to defend herself for filming the man and her confronting him. Source: TikTok/its_anueta
Anueta was then forced to defend herself for filming the man and her confronting him. Source: TikTok/its_anueta

“I kind of understand that we as women have been taught to be polite and not draw attention and do it privately and be quiet but that's what perpetuates this behaviour and what continues to happen it for you don't call it out,” she said in another video.

In the response video, she explained the male passenger sitting next to her watched the man film her for a few minutes, and he said: “Wow, I didn't actually know this happens in real life”.

“Men, women, if you ever see this kind of behaviour, say something. Make it known that it is not okay. And then people will more understand that it is not okay,” she said.

Some people on Anueta’s original video supported her for standing up for herself.

“She has the absolute right to film this man,” one person said. “She was put in an uncomfortable situation and she stood up for herself.”

“She’s recording him to show that people should speak up and not ignore the situation if it happened to you,” another person said.

In a statement to 7News, the Australian Federal Police confirmed officers were called regarding an incident on a Melbourne to Gold Coast Jetstar flight on February 6.

“AFP officers also spoke to a male person and cautioned him regarding the behaviour alleged,” the statement said.

“No criminal offences were identified and no charges have been laid. The AFP assisted the female complainant to continue her journey.”

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to AFP for comment.

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