Confusion over major change to Hungry Jack's cups

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Some people are utterly confused by Hungry Jack’s new lid, which eliminates the need for a straw.

Late last year, some people noticed Hungry Jack’s changed up the lids for their drinks to be more like one you would expect on a takeaway coffee, opposed to a lid with a hole in the middle for a straw.

They were quickly likened to “sippy cups”.

People are marvelling at Hungry Jack's new lid. Source: TikTok - fino21098/AAP
People are marvelling at Hungry Jack's new lid. Source: TikTok - fino21098/AAP

However, the new design has stumped some and one woman on TikTok said she thought the new lids were “stupid” until she realised how to use them.

The TikTok user named Tish, or tishbarts, explained she wasn’t initially understanding the new lids and was just jamming a straw in the hole, defeating the purpose of the design.

She then peels back the tab, which appears to clip into the lid, allowing for people to sip their beverage.

People in the comments were quite impressed with the design.

“The cups are better at Hungry Jack’s,” one person commented.

“It’s like they figured out we are adults and can drink from cups, WITHOUT STRAWS,” another person said.

Another person was excited someone “finally” knew how to use the new lid, while another admitted to staring at their own cup until their partner showed them how it is done.

Though one person did say the lid wasn’t on properly and it went all over their face.

Another TikTok user, @fino21098, showed his followers how to properly use the lids, with his video racking up almost 465,000 views.

The general consensus appears to be the new Hungry Jack’s lids are better than paper straws.

Back in 2018, Hungry Jack’s committed to phasing out plastic straws.

“Hungry Jack’s is committed to proactively building its environmental and sustainability credentials across the business and is currently looking at how the phasing out of plastic straws can best be adapted,” the company told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2018, when they first announced their intentions to reduce plastic waste.

In 2019, McDonald’s removed plastic straws and announced it will phase out plastic cutlery from all of its stores across Australia in 2020.

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