'Just do it already': Witness of shocking stabbing feared she would be next

Peter Caldicott

A witness to a shocking public stabbing has told how she feared she would be next when the attacker followed her while screaming abuse.

She was one of several witnesses to a violent attack at the Elizabeth shopping centre in Adelaide that claimed the life of 25-year-old Alex Watts.

He leaves behind a heartbroken fiancé and children, some of who witnessed the stabbing.

"The victim had his hands up... the other person had the knife out," the witness told 7 News.

"One of the females said 'just do it already' and the guy just walks up and stabbed him in the side, near the kidney area."

Alex Watts' family has been left devastated by his stabbing. Source: 7 News

Mr Watts dropped to the ground as the witness ran for help. The alleged attacker was with a woman pushing a small child in a pram.

“They then followed me to my car, screaming abuse because I had my phone ready to call the police," she added.

Paramedics tried to stabilise Mr Watts before he was rushed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, but he sadly died from his injuries.

On Friday afternoon, police named the suspect as Shaun Faulkner, pleading with him to make contact with the police.

"Everyone's devastated, they don't know what to think because he was a happy man, everyone knew him in Elizabeth," Mr Watts' friend Britanny Hughes said.

Mr Watts' fiancé reportedly witnessed his murder. Source: 7 News

Friends and family took to Facebook to pay tribute, with his brother writing, “I’ll always love you”.

“Rest in peace Alex, you will never be forgotten.”