Whose bone is it?: Bizarre twist in 2003 Sydney murder case

Police in Sydney hope a convicted murderer can shed light on a baffling discovery near the scene where his victim was discovered 13 years ago.

Apprentice Disney animated Lyndsay van Blanken was strangled to death by her ex boyfriend William Matheson in 2003.

Now, a backpack belonging to the murdered 18 year old has been found at a building site in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, along with a bone believed to be human.

Lyndsay van Blanken's death captivated Sydney in 2003. Photo: AAP/Supplied

But in a strange twist, the Daily Telegraph reports to bone does not belong to the murdered woman.

A large bone, smaller fragments and items belong to Ms van Blanker were all found about a metre beneath the earth at a nursing home at Randwick.

“Everything indicates the bones are human but how they got there, how old they are and anything else is a matter for investigation,” a police source told the paper.

Matheson is serving 18 years in jail for Ms van Blanken’s murder. Detectives now plan to speak to him about the latest discovery.

William Matheison is lead handcuffed to a corrective service van after he was sentenced. Photo: AAP

The victim’s family has also been informed.

Lyndsay van Blanken was strangled to death, and her body was shoved doubled over into a sports bag in 2003.

Lyndsay van Blanken's body was found doubled over in a cricket bag at Queens Park. Photo: AAP

Matheson, an ex boyfriend, was convicted of the murder. It is believed he was unable to get over the breakup.

Before her death, the young woman was preparing to fly to US to work on her dream of becoming an animator for Disney.

Lynday van Blanken was expected to move to the US to work as an apprentice animator for Disney. Photo: AAP/Supplied

A new boyfriend from the US had flown to Australia to join her before she left but, on November 24, 2003, Ms van Blanken vanished on her way home from work.

Her body was found at Queens Park six weeks later.