Woman's bikini snap goes viral after incredible weight loss

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman has gone viral after showing off her incredible transformation three years in the making.

Emma Young took to social media to share a before and after bikini photo taken in the same hotel three years apart, and she is almost unrecognisable.

Emma has lost 22kg in three years. Photo: Instagram/emmayoung___

The Glasgow woman revealed the before photo was from when she felt at her “lowest” point, back in August 2016, before she lost an incredible 22kg, Fox News reports.

“Same hotel 3 years apart. 3 and a half stone down madness to see how far I’ve actually came,” she shared alongside the images in a post on Twitter has since gone viral with over 46K likes.

She also shared the photos on Instagram where she received a further 2k likes and was flooded with praise and questions on how she did it from her followers.

Emma changed her diet and started high intensity exercise. Photo: Instagram/emmayoung__

“Hadn’t came across this first photo in years until today,” she wrote on Instagram.

The transformation, Emma said, is all down to overhauling her diet and starting a high-intensity workout routine.

Now she also has a personal trainer and has started lifting weights.

“I’ve literally never came across a Personal Trainer who encourages you to keep the most balanced diet / lifestyle ever. Still being able to get my night outs and takeaways (nandos) and genuinely making the gym enjoyable,” she said in a previous post.

She also loves a cheat meal. Photo: Instagram/emmayoung___

Emma revealed she definitely didn’t completely cut out her favourite foods and allows herself regular cheat meals.

“If I’m good 5/6 days out of 7 then a cheat meal is allowed. You’ll be able to stick to healthy eating so much more if you allow yourself a cheat meal,” she wrote on Instagram.

She also said to ditch the scales and use photos to more accurately track your progress.

“Best way to track your progress is 1000% by taking before and after pictures. Also helps motivate me when all I want to do in winter is eat every single bit of chocolate/crisps/pizzas/Chinese there is,” she added.

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