WATCH: Young girl rescues shark trapped on rocks in surf break

A washed-up shark in a precarious spot among rocks has been saved by a young beachgoer.

Erich Twachtman shared a video of his teenage daughter, Ali, to Twitter on Wednesday showing her pulling the mud shark from trouble at Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island in the US.

Source: Storyful via Erich Twachtman

“Kudos to my daughter who found a #shark that got washed up on shore today and the surf was pounding it into rocks. She got it and set it free,” Mr Twachtman wrote.

She can be seen grabbing the shark, also known as a dogfish, just below its tail fin before taking it to deeper waters.

She even took time to pose for a photo with the four-foot shark for her father.

Source: Erich Twachtman

And her act of kindness was inundated with words of praise online as the video quickly garnered thousands of views.

“Not all heroes wear capes! Bravo!” one user commented.

Another added: “Woah this is a good human.”

Her rescue comes the same week another shark had a close shave when it was temporarily engulfed whole by a giant grouper before being spat back out in Florida.