Incredible moment huge fish swallows shark whole

The remarkable moment a 225kg fish engulfed a shark whole has been caught on camera.

Footage shot during a chartered fishing trip off the coast of Everglades City, Florida, last week shows the giant goliath grouper swallow up the one-metre predator, which had just been caught by one of the group onboard.

The boat’s captain Jimmy Wheeler, from the Everglades Fishing Company, says he knew exactly what was about to unfold as the fisherman reeled in his catch and told his amazed guests to prepare themselves.

The huge grouper can be seen approaching the hooked shark amid excited shouts from the group watching on. Source: Facebook/ Everglades Fishing Company

“Oh my god! Look how big that fish is!” one woman shouts in amazement as the giant fish breaches the water’s surface.

The fisherman briefly battles with the grouper with the help of crew before it spits the shark back out.

The 225kg fish breaches the water’s surface and engulfs the one-metre pedator whole. Source: Facebook/ Everglades Fishing Company

Mr Wheeler’s wife, Michelle, told Fox News they’d never seen anything quite like it.

“I don’t remember ever seeing anything this crazy,” she said.

She said the fish went on to gobble up a stingray in what is becoming a common occurrence on the Florida coastline.

“[Goliath groupers] have become a nuisance, according to a lot of fishermen. They’re eating everything.”

Judging from the size of the fish, the fishermen estimated the grouper to weigh around 500 pounds, or 225kg.