'Willing to give anything a go': Wheelchair-bound man's inspiring post as he struggles to find work

A 25-year-old man in a wheelchair has posted an inspiring status as he struggles to find work.

“Hi, I’m 25 and in a wheelchair. I’ve been looking for work for a while can’t seem to find anything so I’ll try Facebook,” the post said.

“I have my licence and vehicle. I’m willing to give anything a go and a quick learner,” the post said.

Since he posted the Facebook status on Tuesday, Mr Robson’s message has been shared 466 times and he has been offered five jobs.

“As soon as they see the wheelchair, they’re like ‘Nah’, they just turn away,” Chris ‘Robbo’ Robson told Yahoo7.

Chris ‘Robbo’ Robson posted took to Facebook after struggling to find work. Source: Chris Robson

“I’d say, just give us a chance, you know. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” he said.

Since birth, Mr Robson has had Spina bifida, a condition which affects the spinal cord and can lead to a degree of paralysis of the lower body and legs and reduced sensation in the lower body, legs and feet.

“Basically it’s just no feelings in the legs from knees down, deformed legs as well and just not being able to walk,” he said.

“It’s been pretty hard, but you get used to it obviously. And it’s not too bad I guess, but can’t do anything about it,” he said.

He uses a wheelchair and lives with his parents in Caboolture, Queensland. He posted the status after a year of unsuccessful job hunting after completing three TAFE certificates in process manufacturing, engine reconditioning and cylinder head and light vehicle servicing and repair in 2017.

Mr Robson is ‘willing to give anything a go’ and enjoys construction. Source: Chris Robson

“I was just really desperate for work, applying on Seek et cetera and going into shops and handing out resumes and not getting anything back, being turned back and thought I’d try online and see what happens,” Mr Robson said.

“I’ve been looking for over a year now and I’ve been applying for labouring jobs, construction, automative et cetera, something hands on,” he said.

While many employers assume that he cannot do manual labour, Mr Robson has five years experience working at Woodlands chicken farm.

“I was just picking and packing, probably about 2,000 eggs in a shed, did a bit of moving, maintenance work, servicing,” he said.

Mr Robson has struggled to find work in spite of his qualifications.

“I just get rejected. I think, part of the reason is being in a wheelchair as well and only working at one job as well doesn’t help,” Mr Robson said.

Caboolture man, Chris Robson, 25, has three TAFE certificates and is a ‘quick learner’. Source: Chris Robson

“Half the time I don’t hear back from anyone at all,” he said.

While he sometimes feels disheartened, Mr Robson maintains a positive attitude and has continued to search for work.

“I get a bit upset about it, so I just move on and apply for more jobs,” he said.

While he lives in Caboolture, Mr Robson says he is willing to travel for work as far as the Sunshine Coast.

Speaking of the response from the public, Mr Robson said: “[i]t’s been overwhelming. It’s really, really good”.

Due to the post, Mr Robson has been offered between four to five jobs in sales, casual work at a lawn mowing business, at a 24 hour gym and is looking forward to more offers.

“I’m probably going to wait to see what happens, see what else I can get, just seeing what’s closer,” he said.

“We’re all the same, we’re humans, we have feelings and just give us a chance,” he said.