'One of the most pathetic things I've ever seen': Woolworths customer slams kids' snack

There appears to be no respite for Australia’s leading supermarkets as the war against excessive use of plastic rages on.

Woolworths are the latest supermarket to be slammed for an “unnecessary” use of plastic in a packet of fruit for children.

Irate customer Madie Porter took to the supermarket’s Facebook page on Wednesday to share an image of the pack containing slices of apple and four cherry tomatoes.

“This is one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen.,” she wrote online.

“I don’t know how I feel about this. We really are starting to become one lazy society.

One angry customer voiced her concerns over the “unneccessary” packaging of the supermarket’s fruit pack for kids. Source: Facebook/ Madie Porter

“Environmentally friendly?…. So much unnecessary plastic.”

And she wasn’t alone in voicing her concerns, with other customers chiming in.

“What a waste,” another declared.

“They have banned plastic bags… because apparently they are “bad for society” because they don’t break down but yet they sell stuff like this with plastic,” one user said.

Others agreed that lazy parenting facilitated such products for children and using plastic for sliced fruit would only end if people stopped using it.

“The best way to stop these being a thing is to stop buying them… blame consumers for purchasing,” one comment pointed out.

The supermarket said they were actively reducing plastic waste across its stores.Source: Getty/File

Woolworths were quick to respond to the post and inform customers that stores across Australia had moved to cut down plastic waste.

“We’re really pleased to let you know that the packaging for this range can be recycled in our REDcycle bins available in all our Woolworths Supermarkets,” a spokesperson said.

“Plastics recycled through this program are turned into things like furniture.”

They also said packaging was used to separate organic produce during the supply chain so fruit and vegetables aren’t mixed up.

“We know this is an important issue and we’re reducing the use of plastic on fruit and vegetables,” they added, saying plastic had been removed from the packaging for kale, English spinach, organic spring onions and sweet potatoes.

“We know there is a lot more plastic to remove and this is just the start”.

It’s not the first time customers have spoken out about excessive use of plastic for fruit in Woolworths. A female shopper slammed the store for selling apples in cylinder plastic tubes last month.

Woolworths and Coles have come under intense scrutiny following their decision to ban single use plastic bags across their stores following a difficult transition period where customers complained of unsuitable replacements.